A handful of projects we had the pleasure of working on:


"Home sweet home" Lake elsinore, ca

LGC is currently involved with all planning phases of this project.
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
Phase 2 Preliminary geotechnical investigation, infiltration testing and a fault hazard investigation.

This has presented unique challenges like faulting, potentially collapsible soils, and high groundwater which all needed to be addressed. LGC was able to prove active faulting was not a risk onsite which helped keep future home owners safe and all within budget for the client.



lennar homes ontario, ca

You are looking at Lennar Homes “Esperanza East and West” master-planned residential community in Ontario, CA. This 450+ home community has been worked on from the planning stages grading by LGC. Certain challenges overcome by LGC included high Methane potential from the site’s previous use as a dairy farm and potentially liquefiable soils. LGC was able to successfully engineer cost effective solutions to both challenges.



lennar homes, ontario, ca

This is a trench box placed in a deep excavation to prevent the risk of caving soils. LGC does not cut corners in any phase of a project. We prefer to do things safely and to the best of our abilities.


Great Oak High School

California school site requirements are some of the most difficult and costly in the realm of development. LGC has long standing relationships with many regional school districts because of our ability to provide high quality, consulting, cost-effective recommendations and comprehensive reporting. LGC’s solution-oriented consulting allowed this project to proceed within our estimated budget and on time.

1-31-08 Tunnel Pit-East End.jpg

Perris Valley Pipeline Project- W.A. Rasic

LGC was contracted by W.A. Rasic to conduct a substantial geotechnical investigation, as well as, acted as the primary geotechnical consultant during the construction of the Perris Pipeline Project; a 96-inch pipeline along Alessandro Boulevard in Riverside County. The project required highly technical consulting due to extensive bedrock ripping, blasting, adverse geologic conditions and high groundwater in several locations. Prior to mobilizing and initiating this project LGC was able to identify several of these hindrances to grading prior to losing thousands from underestimating project constraints. After our reporting, adequate equipment and preparations were arranged to prepare for the challenges this project faced.

Lake 4 After Erosion Repairs.jpg

The Lakes at Newport Master Planned Community

LGC was responsible for the geotechnical and environmental preliminary reporting for “The Lakes at Newport” in Menifee, California. After starting the rough grading for the proposed phase 1 of 5, the client decided to restructure the 1200 unit project into a single phase which included the construction of 4 man made lakes, all over 60 feet deep, with engineered lake wall linings. To help keep our client on schedule, LGC provided as many as 5 technicians and 2 geologists on-site full time. This project encountered multiple job specific hurdles, but LGC is proud to say it was completed on schedule and within budget. The Lakes at Newport has remained a premier development within the City of Menifee, containing beautifully placed lake-front properties all made possible by innovative, solutions-oriented geotechnical design provided.

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“Department of Public Social Services” – City of Corona

LGC completed geotechnical and environmental investigations, as well as, all rough and precise grading for the Department of Public Social Services building in the City of Corona. It was completed in 2015. Notably project engineers designed proposed roadways over a 26-inch reinforced concrete storm drain pipe running through the project site. LGC determined the pro­posed traffic index for the site would exceed the rated strength of the ducting, something that was overlooked in the planning phases of the project. To mitigate the oversight, LGC recommended a 55-inch protection dam to minimize the potential for collapse and costly repairs. We pride ourselves on providing real world solutions for on-site issues and road blocks.

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Pacific Communities, 52 Lot Eagle Residential Development, Tract 29920; Tract 29920-1, Tract 29920-2, Tract 29920-3 and Tract 30268, in the City of Moreno Valley, Riverside County, California

LGC provided updated geotechnical foundation recommendations for a previously graded site with strategically placed subsurface exploration and thoughtful determined laboratory testing. By doing so LGC was able to develop site specific cost effective geotechnical foundation design parameters, seismic design parameters and earthwork recommendations through value engineering. This included detailed lot specific evaluation of settlement potential and expansive/corrosive characteristics of soils relative to residential foundation and retaining wall designs. LGC also provided review of precise grading plans, foundation plans, construction drawings and specifications for conformance with geotechnical design parameters, as well as observations and testing during re-grading, post grading and site construction.

Marriot Hotel.jpg

TEMECULA HOTEL DEVELOPMENT, INC., Residence Inn and Courtyard Marriott Hospitality Development, in the Murrieta, Riverside County, California

LGC provided a preliminary geotechnical investigation, updated geotechnical investigation fault study, infiltration testing, groundwater study and keystone wall design during design stages, and review of grading plans and structural plans prior to construction of the 4-story two hotel complex. The updated geotechnical investigation and ground water study involved strategically placed subsurface exploration and thoughtfully determined laboratory testing. By doing so LGC was able to develop cost effective geotechnical and earthwork recommendations and foundation design parameters relative to the alluvium and groundwater conditions. This included detailed evaluation of settlement potential characteristics of soils relative to hotel foundation and keystone wall designs. LGC also provided geotechnical observations and testing during rough grading and post grading, as well as materials testing and observations during building construction.

Centex Homes - Chino Hills Air Photo.jpg

Centex Homes, Chino Hills, CA

LGC performed geotechnical observation and testing services during rough grading on this very challenging project in Chino Hills. The steep hillside terrain underlain by slide prone unstable bedrock of the Puente formation required detail geologic mapping and stability analyses of natural hillsides and interior cut slopes. Existing landslides required complete removal of all unsuitable landslide debris and deep fills required settlement monitoring prior to construction. Survey busts resulted in several lots being unbuildable due to city requirements for adequate lot depth. LGC designed an elaborate geogrid system to achieve proper design depths extending over steep natural hillsides to make these lots viable homesites. 

Altair ambient.jpg

“Altair Project” by Ambient Communities

LGC has completed multiple preliminary geotechnical, feasibility and due diligence investigations on the Altair Project proposed just west of charming Old Town Temecula. The most recent investigation was completed in 2013 for Ambient Communities. This geotechnical investigation was a massive, month long undertaking which included slope stability excavation and evaluation of 16 cut slopes, 25+ geotechnical trenches, infiltration testing and analysis, geophysical seismic analysis, extensive fault trenching and alluvial removal analysis. LGC’s highly thorough analysis proved highly valuable to Ambient Communities when our geotechnical reporting was accepted with no planning department comments in 2014. We look forward to making Old Town Temecula even more charming in the years to come.