Full Services Materials Testing Laboratory


Standardized Procedures


With the ever-growing requirements for materials testing services, Logical houses its own full service materials testing laboratory staffed with scientists and technicians trained in ASTM required procedures for testing materials.    Logical's lab technicians are proficient in a variety of materials testing procedures such as: Structural Steel Tensile and Bend, Non Destructive Steel Testing (Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant methods) Asphalt Extraction/Gradation, Marshal Stability, Flow and Density, HVEEM Stability and Density Concrete Compressive Strength Concrete beam Flexural Strength, Shotcrete Core and Compressive Strength, Grout Prism Compressive Strength, CMU Composite Prism, Ground Water Sampling and Testing, Air Quality Testing (indoor/outdoor), Asbestos testing, Lead Testing and more.  LGC is constantly expanding its staff's knowledge to stay on the cutting edge of construction standards and requirements.

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