A history of valued relationships


Much of what we do is accomplished with clients that we possess on-going relationships with. Logical's family-first mentality brings our clients into a relationship that doesn't end when the deadlines are met and the smoke clears, but endures past the project and into the future.

As development evolves so do our clients

In Logical's infancy our projects were primarily tied to residential housing, but as we've diversified so has our client base with residential development only a percentage of our overall work load.  Our family of clients include:

  • Marriott Hotels
  • Lennar Homes
  • DR Horton
  • TRI Pointe
  • W.A.Rassic
  • Wylliam Lyon Homes
  • The Zwerldling Group
  • Southwest Lodging
  • OMNI West Group
  • Amerco Real Estate Construction Co.
  • Sudweeks Construction
  • Crestwood Corporation
  • Ironwood Properties
  • Alvarez Quality Construction
  • Melia Homes
  • United Engineering Group
  • Pacific Communities
  • Cameron Enterprises
  • Stradwick Construction
  • Sage Creek Investors
  • VSI Engineering
  • Rancon Real Estate
  • Sheffield Homes
  • Echos Faith Church
  • West Coast Lighting and Energy
  • Distinguished Homes
  • Yellow Basket
  • CV Communities
  • Ontario Schaefer Holdings
  • Zimmerman Group
  • RJ Hobbs Company
  • Long Shadow Ranch Winery
  • Van Daele Homes